Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my pool is leaking
How long should my filter run each day
When should I run my pool filter
Why is my pump making loud noises
How often does my pool filter need to be cleaned
How do I select a filter, and what are the pros and cons
My pool pump electric bill is high. Do you install variable speed pumps to save electricity
What is cyanuric acid
Why does my pool/spa need to be chlorinated
Do you service salt pools
Is a salt chlorinated system better than the traditional hand chlorinated system
How often should I change the water in my pool
What is TDS
Should I change my own water
What are phosphates
How often do I need an acid wash
My hair turns green when I swim, is this caused by the chlorine
Is it ok for my dog to swim in the pool, or drink the pool water
Is it safe to swim with my pool/ spa light on
There's water in my pool light fixture, is it safe
There's water in my pool light fixture, can it be drained and resealed
My pool and spa lights both stopped working at the same time, how can that be
My GFI keeps tripping on my pool lights, what is causing this
Why should I use a pool service
What is your time worth
Where should the pool water level be during normal operation
How do I add water to my spa/pool
If I have a pool service do I still need an automatic vacuum
If I have a pool service do I still need to empty my baskets
Is it ok to drain my pool for the winter
When it rains excessively will the water cause my pool to flood my home
How long does it take to heat my pool
How long does it take to heat my spa with a gas heater
How long does it take to heat my spa with an electric heat pump
Why are your rates higher than my old “pool guy”
How will I know when my pool is serviced each week
I have dogs/cats. Can you still service my pool
How do I obtain an estimate for weekly pool cleaning service
How do I obtain an estimate for pool equipment repair
I am at work all day, how do I get an estimate for pool repair
What areas do you offer weekly pool cleaning
When is my pool service bill due
When is my pool repair bill due
If I make an appointment for a free estimate and forget to cancel the estimate before the serviceman arrives will I be charged
What happens if we cannot pay our bill
What is pH
Do you install salt systems
Do you install a drain off facility if my pool water level gets too high
Do you install gas heaters
Do you repair gas heaters
Do you do leak detection and repairs
Do you install electric heat pumps
Are you licensed and insured
Are your technicians CPO qualified
Do you do remodeling

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