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Jade with Prima Donna, a miracle horse saved by Robin Cain, owner of Sixteen Hands.

Jade with Prima Donna, a miracle horse saved by Robin Cain, owner of Sixteen Hands.

So far we raised enough to sponsor 2 horses and pay for their monthly care, meet Scutter & Patriota. Click here to see other horses who still need sponsors. Primo, rescue horse from 16 Hands Horse Sanctuary

Perfect  Pool is sponsoring another horse at the Sanctuary. His name is Scutter. He was born at the Sanctuary. When his mom Daisy was taken to the Sanctuary they soon discovered she was pregnant with Scutter. Look below to see photos of this handsome boy.

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Donate your Statement and Stamp to Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary

We got involved with the Sanctuary through our eldest daughter, Jade and her passion for horses. She became a volunteer at Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary where she works with the horses using a form of natural horsemanship known as Parelli.

leo-thoroughbred-geldingHow can you help?

All you need to do is tell us on the slip you receive in the mail that you would no longer wish to receive your paper statement sent via the mail each month. The 42 cents + paper + envelope Perfect Pool will donate to Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary. It’s that simple.

If 100 people opt not to receive statements via the mail it would generate $50 each month for the horses. Perfect Pool will then match the amount making a donation of $100 a month for the Sanctuary.


(We also save some trees and become more green)

mare-rescue-horse-florida-story-penelope-3If you want to get more involved or donate more than just a stamp and statement, go to their website where you can sponsor a horse, buy something from their wish list or just make a donation of your choice. There are so many ways to support these beautiful horses. Nothing is too small. Their website is: Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary
Left: Jade with Prima Donna, a miracle horse saved by Robin Cain, owner of Sixteen Hands.



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Robin Cain, President
Event at 16 Hands Horse Sanctuary was a great success!

Horses at Horse Sanctuary in Florida for Neglected and Abused Horses

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